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Welcome to the EUROfusion Gateway infrastructure within the new premises of CINECA (Bologna-Italy).

ENEA/CINECA are going to support the infrastructure for the next 2 years starting from Jan.1st 2017.

The Gateway infrastructure is interoperable with the EUROFusion HPC facility.

Gateway username/password is required in order to access the Gateway Wiki Documents.

If you have forgotten Gateway username/password please send an email to Gateway support inserting the following:

email address registered on the Gateway mailing list

How to get a user account

To get access to the New EUROfusion Gateway at CINECA the following steps are required:

  1. Sign the EUROfusion Gateway user agreement (see below) and submit it to the PMU responsible Officer
    • Note: if you already did this when creating an account on the previous ITM Gateways (hosted at ENEA, Italy or Garching, Germany), you don't need to submit it again
  2. Request a userid and password to Gateway support.

Gateway User Agreement

As a new contributor to WPCD or a new user of the EUROfusion Gateway you are requested to sign the EUROfusion Gateway User Agreement. This is required to get an account on the Gateway which is the WPCD development home.

You can download the EUROfusion Gateway User Agreement here:

PDF version (.pdf)
Microsoft Word document (.docx)

Please fill in the requested information and send the signed document to the PMU responsible Officer using one of the following methods:

  • by mail to:
    Att: Dr Richard Kamendje
    EUROfusion ITER Physics Department
    Responsible Officer for WPCD & WPISA
    Boltzmannstr. 2
    52428 Garching

or fax to: +49 89 3299 4299
Please include Att: GATEWAY/Richard Kamendje on the fax.

  • or send as an e-mail attachment to Richard Kamendje: (Subject: Gateway User Agreement)

You will receive an email acknowledging your submission. Once your submission is approved, please continue with applying for an account at Gateway.


The Gateway HPC infrastructure is an independent HPC system different from MARCONI FUSION partition, hence its status doesn't depend on the MARCONI status monitored here.

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